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01Plastic Surgeries Delicacy temperament appear

  • Double Eyelids

    1980(Original 4800RMB)

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  • Rhinoplasty

    1980(Original 3800rmb)

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  • Breast Augmentation

    3800(Original 9800rmb)

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  • Liposuction

    999(Original 5000rmb)

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  • self fat filling

    4800(Original 5800rmb)

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  • facial contour

    4800(Original 8800rmb)

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  • Park Eyelids procedure

    10800(Original 19800rmb)

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  • Comprehensive nose job

    19800(Original 32800rmb)

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02Non-invasive Just a lunch time to Become A Goddess

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    0(Original 3800rmb)

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  • thin face

    480(Original 1980rmb)

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  • Wrinkles Removal

    0(Original 4980rmb)

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  • thin shank

    3980(Original 9800rmb)

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  • PPDO thread

    4999(Original 9800rmb)

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  • Internet Celebrity Speed Beauty Package

    4980(Original 9800rmb)

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  • Sexy package

    7999(Original 16800rmb)

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03Skin TreatmentsShow your Beautiful White Delicate Skin

  • hair removal(1st time)

    0(Original 2000rmb)

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  • hydro lifting

    380(Original 1680rmb)

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  • eyebrow

    580(Original 1980rmb)

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  • Fog eyebrow

    1280(Original 5800rmb)

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  • Ultracel

    3880(Original 8800rmb)

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  • Ulthera

    8800(Original 36800rmb)

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  • Wanghonginflammation


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  • Face Neck Indication:wrinkles


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  • Spots packagespots/aestates


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04Hair transplantDense hair show your youth

  • S-fut

    2.4rmb/unit(Original 6rmb/unit)

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  • DCell follicle activation

    2280(Original 3800rmb)

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  • CGF hair transplant

    9rmb/unit(Original 15rmb/unit)

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Trustable Hanfei Strength

200 Elites at home and abroad, Leading Technology 10 years Consult   Appointment  

Trustable Hanfei Strength

200 Elites at home and abroad, Leading Technology 10 years Consult   Appointment  

Time flies, time flies.     
10 years of wind and rain, the birth of more than 10 million beautiful legends!      
In the future, hanfei will continue to bloom with you.