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Is it safe?

Hanfei Real Case of Transformation

Model: MengTing

Brazilian model: CLEO

how long does it take to recover?

More Real Case of Hanfei...

What is Injective Breast Augmentation

If you have less time, fear of surgery, or pain
But want to have a well rounded breast.
Injective Breast Augmentation will suit your needs
Injective Breast Augmentation is currently a relatively simple method of breast augmentation with shorter operative time as a Non-invasive Plasty Surgery. With injective filler material, like Hyaluronic Acid, is gradually filled into the syringe in a small amount, so it is necessary to use a special needle to inject it under mammary gland. The wound is almost invisible, and it can immediately increase the volume of the breast.

Ordinary injection effects generally only last for about a years, 
and it started to be deflated before I realized.

Because the general injection plus degradation of hyaluronic acid.
Traditional injection filling method does not take into account the overall breast, single and local injection is easy to cause the waste of injective materials, and it accelerate the degradation of hyaluronic acid; but also easily cause the breast uneven, sagging and so on.


Basically, the breast is restored after a year

Innovative methods of injective breast 
augmentation increases maintenance time

What is Hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a natural substance found densely in cartilage, in the fluid surrounding your eyes, as well as in skin tissue. If the proper amount is not maintained, the essential nutrients will not be supplied properly to skin cells. A loss of HA is the reason why our skin gets wrinkled and dehydrated as we age.
HA is able to hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water so sometimes it’s called “nature’s moisturizer”. As it penetrates deep into the dermis and fills it with moisture, it tightens the overall complexion and maintains skin elasticity and volume.
What are the Advantages of Artecoll Filler?
  • Safe product with certified quality
  • Lasting effects with one procedure
  • Economic benefits due to lasting effects
  • Short surgery time
  • Do not need recovery time

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