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The beautiful Double-Fold Eyelidson are formed in this way.

Eye-type natural and charming, Coordination overall
Increased eyelashes and Stunning!

Ten degree Eye Surgery
Every degree is just delicate, nothing more, nothing less...

Li Jingwen   Internet Celebrity

Su Xingyu   Actress

Songguo   Model

It is a successful case of Hanfei research, comprehensive aesthetic interpretation and personalized custom design. According to the golden aesthetic standards, with the eye's top ten aesthetic standards, also to different ages, occupation and characteristics of facial skin around the eyes.

Tailored just for you, safe and more natural.

The beauty of line, form and lines

Benefits of 10 DEGREES ALICE 
• It does not unwind after a long period of time
• Brighter and larger eyes with more defined eyelids
• Natural result
• Less tissue damage, minor swelling, fast recovery
• Custome design, especially for oriental's aesthetics and characteristic

If you like double eyelids, please feel free to Make an appointment now!