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About fat accumulation of Leg
Fat in thigh area tends to be much more than the other body parts so liposuction of thigh sometimes needs to be done frequently. However, since it is not so easy to suction the fat evenly from thigh due to its shape, expertise of professional surgeon is required.

Unlike thigh, calf has thinner fat layer and it consists of mostly
bone and muscles therefore fat can be easily suctioned from
calf. However, special attention needs to be paid.


All can be changed
by Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Leg Liposuction
Hanfei Real Case of Transformation




What is Hanfei Two-Layer Firming
Liposuction on Leg?

Smooth and long leg line
Leg Liposuction accurately analyzes your body contouring and creates slim thighs and long-looking leg lines.

① Thight Liposuction
The fat of the thigh can be divided into following parts; outer, back,
knee and inner. It is important to remove fats from all parts to the
maximum and giving a smooth line. Especially, when the fat in the
thigh are removed thoroughly in each different fat layer, highly
satisfying result is shown. Balanced liposuction is important as the
waist and thigh is connected. 

② Calf Liposuction
Slim calves are requisites for the ideal body shape. Before surgery, it is important to find out whether calves are fatty or muscular. Liposuction is applied in case of fatty calves or the mixture of fat and muscles. Muscular types requires calf reduction or neurectomy.
Moreover, the essential point is that the elasticity is considered to give skin tightening effect, it will give a beautiful tightly curved lines.
Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Leg Liposuction makes a smooth straight line for the inner part and outer line from the hip line is given a nice curve that it makes the leg look long and hip lifting effect.

Liposuction on Various Parts

Surgical Method of Two-Layer Firming Liposuction

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgery that makes small incisions of 0.2~0.3cm in hidden areas to melt and suck fat. It operates a thorough suction to remove the maximum amount of fat and create a beautiful, slim body. It especially removes thin layers of fat and fat cells around the body for a visible and definite size reduction as well as creating a slimmer body line without recurrence.
Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Liposuction, is an procedure used to remove two layers of fat, deep layer for body contouring, shallow layer for firming


Hanfei Medical Cosmetology Guarantees you
Three-star medical services
In 2009, the Ministry of Public Health of the People's Republic of China promulgated the Catalogue of Classified Management of Medical Cosmetology for liposuction surgery. It has clearly defined the volume of fat suction for hospitals of different levels.

Autologous fat reuse and transfer?
is not sorcery is surgery!

Benefits and Advantages
of Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Liposuction

Precision diagnostic instruments

Definite reduction effect with surgery plans for each body parts. We plan a dimensional surgery for an ideal body contouring in Hanfei through In-body check to collect accurate data of your body and to analyze the body composition.

Minimal incision, no visible scars

Minimizing tissue damage that has reduced bruises, pain, and swelling. And 
Minimal incisions on hidden areas No need to worry about visible scars

Medical safety and Hanfei Professional Medical Team

Guangzhou Hanfei Medical Cosmetology's professional doctors and dedicated anesthesiologists, with imported liposuction equipment and safe and sterile operating room, provide you a tailored shaped body from the rich clinical experience, accurately analyze and human aesthetic knowledge.

Postoperative care
of Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Liposuction

• It is advised to have some rest on the surgery day and not do any heavy movement or labor.
• 1-3 days after surgery there might be some liquid coming out of the surgical area and bruising and swelling can last few days after surgery.
• Corrective garment must be put on the next day of surgery or after the dressing is removed.
• Shower should be done 7days after surgery so that the wound can heal quickly and properly. When the shower is done, please avoid rubbing the surgical area so hard of too much water pressure on the surgical area.
• Drinking and smoking should be prohibited for 4weeks after surgery.
• Heavy exercise such as working out at gym should be avoided 2-3 weeks after surgery.