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Lacrimal groove is a groove that starts from the inner eye corner to the paranasal fringe of palpebra inferior. It's caused by the atrophy and droopiness of the soft tissues in the lower orbital diaphragm. It will not be quite obvious at young ages, but as you get older, it will protrude little by little, and will make you withered looking if left ignored.

lacrimal groove


Three Phases of Lacrimal Groove
lacrimal groove

Hanfei has generally two methods for your lacrimal groove removal, autologous fat filling and  hyaluronan injection. See the following real effect of Hanfei lacrimal groove removal.

For mild lacrimal groove, we suggest you do the injective lacrimal groove filling.

lacrimal groove filling

For moderate and severe lacrimal groove, we suggest autologous fat lacrimal groove filling.

Why Choosing Hanfei?

Lacrimal Groove filling