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Seven Layers eye anti-aging
 eye anti-aging

What you get from Hanfei eye rejuvenation?

eye anti-aging

Eye aging is caused by various reason, and different person has different degree of aging eyes, which means various methods are required for various person to achieve an ideal result. Hanfei eye plasty experts makes personal scheme for every customer based on her eye aging characteristics and perform united treatment to rejuvenate your eyes.

Different Eye Aging Symptoms

eye anti-aging

With Hanfei eye rejuvenation, you can be just like her!

eye anti-aging

Five Eye Rejuvenation Programs in Hanfei

1. Korean Type Eyebrows Beautifying Technique
• customized eyebrows shape with invisible cutting
• improve eyebrows droopiness and recreate double eyelid
• smooth wrinkles and restrain aging process
Fitting for: downwards eyebrows,droopy eyebrows and fading double eyelid lines

eye anti-aging

2. Eyebag Removal by Dispelling Orbital Fat + Midface Lifting
• refined and minimally invasive, natural without scar
• eyebag removal with lacrimal groove filling
• midface lifting for a younger face
Fitting for: swollen eyebag, mild saggy midface, sagging lacrimal groove
eye anti-aging

3. Ptosis Correction
• multidimensional analysis and scheme designing
• eyelid lifting with skin tightening
• eye muscle strengthening for anti-aging
Fitting for: swollen upper eyelids, flappy and droopy eyelids, plumpy palpebral muscle
eye anti-aging

4. Eye Wrinkle Removal by Injection and Phototherapy
• combined treatment of injection and phototherapy
• targeted therapy for various wrinkles
• periocular skin whitening
Fitting for: eyebrows wrinkles, crow's feet, palpebral inferior wrinkles, frown wrinkles, etc..
eye anti-aging

5. Dark Circle Removal with Photo Therapy
• combined treatment with different equipments
• dark circle removal with skin brightening
• improve blood circulation, no reoccurence
Fitting for: green dark circle, brown dark circle and dim periocular skin
eye anti-aging

Why Choosing Hanfei?
eye rejuvenation

Frequent Q & A for Eye Anti-aging Plasty

eye anti-aging