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Seven Layers eye anti-aging

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Create bright, gleaming, young-looking eyes

Dark circles appear as rings under your eyes and really make your appearance blurry and make you look uncomfortable or tired. There are many causes of dark circles, the most common is irregular life

Brown Dark Circles
Crowd: Common in people aged 40-50
Incentives: long-term sun exposure, make-up pigmentation

Cyan Dark Circles
Crowd: Commonly seen after the age of 20
Incentives: Stress, drinking, smoking, rhinitis, lack of sleep, etc. Cause poor blood circulation.

Classification of combined treatment

C6 laser therapy
Indications: Dark brown eyes
Main Equipment: C6
Mechanism: using a specific far-infrared long-pulse laser deeply smash the lower eyelid, precipitated pigment at the eyelid, and reduce dark circles.

Dark blue radio frequency therapy
Indications: Cyan dark circles
Main Equipment: Deep Blue RF
Mechanism: Deep blue radiofrequency thermal action can make collagen fiber contraction promote collagen regeneration, promote arteries and capillaries to expand to allow the rapid flow of silted blood, get rid of dark circles

Microneedle therapy
Indications: Combined treatment
Main Equipment: Microneedle Treatment
Mechanism: Break through the skin's absorption barrier, instantly activate autocollagen, whiten replenishment, dilute the stain, achieve anti-aging and dispel blackeyes circle.

Professional equipment for removing dark circles