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 ppdo line carving face lift

If you do not know what your age has done to you, just see the picture below!

The Difference Between Aged Face and Young Face
How to be younger fast?

Hanfei PPDO Facial Lifting

PPDO Lifting is a rebuilt of facial frame by interlacingly burying PPDO thread into corium layer and
subcutaneous tissue. By accelarating  the reorganization and new born of collagen and elastic fibres, it
delays skin aging process continuingly, removes the wrinkles,lifts the droopy tissue, tightens the skin
and makes it brighter.

ppdo thread face lift before and after

ppdo line carving face lift before and after

how long does it take to recover?

PPDO, CFDA certified protein thread
PPDO is of independent property right, and has been awarded three China National Patents for Invention and 15 years' CFDA administrative protection. It's been proved to be nontoxic and harmless in clinical application, and has better biocompatibility and tissue toughness.

The followings are the features of Hanfei PPDO thread:

How long can I see the effect?

Why Choosing Hanfei For Your Face Lifting?

PPDO Lifting

PPDO lifting
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