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 eyebag removal

Do you know how your eyes are aging?

eye aging

You may have tried the following methods, but to no result!

eyebag removal

Essential oil massaging                                                                                  Massaging with essential oil may restrain eyebags forming by slightly relax eye muscles, but for eyebags already existing, neighter can it dispel fat, nor tighten the skin

Apply Eye Cream                                                                                                                      
Using massaging eye cream may lower melanin a little , and improves dark circle, but useless for loose skin and thick fat, and may easily creat fat granule

Apply fruits to eyes                                                                                                                  
Apply sliced fruit to eyes may improve metabolism around the eyes, but not effective if using for too long time or the eyebags are relatively severe. 

Eyebag is a symptom of aging and high pressure, mainly shown as puffy lower eyelids, saggy skin and  wrinkles adding. Once formed, it's hard to remove. Through surgical method, it can be dispeled effectively. There are mainly three ways to remove eyebags, Orbital Fat Removal,Inferior Palpebral Conjunctiva Fat Removal and Lower Eyelids Fat Removal.

Eyebags removal needs to be done from the root!

Professional Doctor

Director Guang Qin Li                                                                                                       Eyebag removal needs to be done according to different symptoms at different age. It will only be effective after we find out the real cause instead of wrong treatment 

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real case of hanfei

Three Methods of Hanfei Eyebag Removal:

No. 1 Orbital Fat Removal

Recomending Index: Five Stars
Operation Analysis: By using laser equipment under microscope, excess fat is sucked out, and fix the dissociative orbital fat for lacrimal groove filling to make lower eyelids smoother and younger.
Features: Dispel eyebags while smoothen skin, precision operation with little trauma, fast recovery without scar
Suitable for: inherited eyebag, loose-skin eyebag, mino and medium puffy lower palpebra inferior, etc..

eyebag removal

Operation Hour: 60 min
Anethesia: local 
Hospitalization: none
Recovery Period: 3-5 Days

No. 2 Inferior Palpebral Conjunctiva Fat Removal
Recomending Index: Four Stars
Operation Analysis: Dispel eyebags by removing the fat in the inferior palpebral conjunctiva. If the fat is joined with the skin, just make a small cutting in the skin under the lower eyelashes, then remove the flappy skin and the fat under the palpebra inferior.
Features: Micro cutting smaller than 1mm, precision without scar, and the outer corner of the eye is lifted, and ever-lasting effect is achieved.
Suitable for: young people with loose skin and obvious lower eyebags.

eyebag removal

Operation Hour: 30 min
Anethesia: local 
Hospitalization: none
Recovery Period: 5-7 Days

No. 3  Lower Eyelids Fat Removal
Recomending Index: Three Stars
Operation Analysis: Make a small cutting of 1.5-2cm at the root of the eyelashes, remove the excess fat, and lift the inferior palpebral skin at the same time, fix the droopy fat for lacrimal groove revision, cut excess skin to remove inferior palpebral skin wrinkles.
Features: Precision design prior to surgery, calculate suitable amount of skin and fat removal, removing fat with eye aging problems solving like flappy skin and low elasticity.
Suitable for: old age people with raised eyebags or flappy muscle.

eyebag removal
Operation Hour: 40 min
Anethesia: local 
Hospitalization: none
Recovery Period: 5-7 Days