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Single eyelids, tiny eyes and have no soul? Can't even makeup around eye? What if you want to change it bigger and cooler?
Increase the length and size of the eye at the same time
We will make big and pretty eyes like dolls.

What is Canthoplasty?
Eyes with short width or inner part covered by epicanthus are fixed with canthoplasty in Hanfei. There are different types of canthoplasty including epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and lateral hotz.
If one canthoplasty doesn’t give you satisfying effect, you can have more than two types of canthoplasty in Hanfei to create larger eyes.

1. Canthoplasty that changes your image
Angle of lateral corner is adjusted beyond lengthening the width to create eyes with dimensional look.
2. Eyes with ideal ratio
Every element such as the width of eyes and space between eyes are considered to make ideal eyes.
3. Surgical method that doesn’t make any visible scar
Since detailed incisions are made, there isn’t any visible scar, and it minimizes skin adhesion.
Hanfei minimally invasive canthoplasty according to the proportion of facial aesthetics,tailored design surgical method, with meticulous operation by eye plastic surgeon and superb stiching technology, there is no postoperative traces after surgery.
1. Individual aesthetic design
Adhering to the concept of aesthetic standards of golden ratio.
According to relationship of eye level, outer corner of eye and ratio of eyebrow.
Customize individually for overall facial features.

2. Microscopic positioning makes hairbreadth
Professional equipment and doctors's delicate operation can reduce wound area, each step is controlled in millimeters.
No surgical traces postoperatively.

3. Overall improvement
Improves eyesight, resolves floppy double-fold eyelids and saggy corners of the eyes for patients have epicanthus and blepharophimosis.