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01  Semipermanent Korean Tattoo Makeup

Normally, Semipermanent Korean Tattoo Makeup includes eyebrow tattooing, eyeline tattooing and lip tattooing. Based on the Korean aesthetic concept on naked makeup and unique tattooing skills, it transplants pigment to the eyebrow, eyeline and lip, etc. through advanced micro pigment transplantation, presenting natural cosmetic effect.

02  Eyebrow Tattooing  

03  Eyeline Tattooing

04  Lip Tattooing

05  Dark Areola Lightening

06  Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

07  Eyeline Tattoo Removal

08  Tattoo Removal
How Hanfei Removes Tattoos?

Tattoos of Black Blue Colors
Blue tattoos are made by the materials containing cobalt while the black ones contain carbon. Such tattoos are relatively easy to remove as carbon particles easily disintegrate.

Tattoos of Full Colors
Red tattoos are made by the materials containing mercury while the green ones contain chromium. Because of the full color tattoos' metal content, several times of treatments are required to get rid of the tattoos.